Vibration analysis

Vibration analysis provides detailed information on rotating equipment and helps to identify potential and existing problems.

Our vibration analysis service includes:

  • In-situ dynamic balancing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Periodic monitoring programs

In–house dynamic and static balancing

With ITECH balancing capabilities, virtually any part from a few grammes in weight up to the largest and heaviest can be effectively balanced to meet and exceed even the most stringent balancing tolerances.

Thermal imaging

Infrared thermal surveys are used to reduce electrical and mechanical equipment failures.

A thermo graphic survey identifies abnormally high temperatures that result from situations such as:

  • Overloaded electrical circuits
  • Unbalanced loads
  • Loose connections
  • Damaged wiring
  • Corrosion
  • Frictional heating of bearings in mechanical systems
  • Automated process temperatures

Laser alignment

Laser alignments can be performed onsite at your plant or at your customer’s facility. We can perform alignments on many components:

  • Gearbox Motors
  • Motors/Coupling Assemblies
  • Motor/Pump Assemblies
  • Compressor Motors
  • Air Handling Fans/Motors
  • Compressor Motors
  • Spindle Drive Motors
  • Turbine Shaft Assemblies

Mechanical services

ITECH can assist small companies as well as large maintenance departments. Our services are available on call. We can handle projects and emergency repairs for you when you don’t possess the required experience to do so.