Who we are...

Iceman Technical Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. is one of the newest companies of the Iceman Group, having been incorporated in February 2012. It was established to help industries build proactive maintenance practices.

What we do...

We specialize in vibration analysis, dynamic and static balancing, proactive maintenance programs, laser alignment, oil analysis and thermal imaging.

Wherever there are industrial problems, we provide a prompt, professional and courteous service, anywhere in Sri Lanka.

Our Vision

Zero downtime, 100% availability, shut to shut down. All industries.

Our Mission

To assist commercial and industrial facilities to reduce their maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime through professional solutions.

Our Strengths

As an associate of the Iceman Group of Companies, ITECH Solutions offers you solid technical expertise combined with cutting-edge technology. What’s more, through several associate companies, the Iceman Group represents many world-renowned engineering brands in Sri Lanka. All of which means that ITECH Solutions offers you unparalleled value.

Components of our unique value proposition

  • Fully trained and qualified engineers with over 5 years of industrial experience.
  • Close partnerships with globally-renowned manufacturers of maintenance equipment and components.
  • Islandwide service on-call.
  • Totally geared to handle both large and small-scale projects.