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Maintenance Equipment

01dB-Metravib - Specialists in vibration analysis

01dB-Metravib specializes in the vibro-acoustic field and implements the related techniques in a wide-range of domains. 01dB-Metravib has created the OneproD System concept, a platform comprising all the products and services required for the implementation and methodical operation of a conditional maintenance policy.

With a comprehensive portfolio of vibration collectors and analyzers, sensors, services and e-services, 01dB-Metravib reduces your overall maintenance cost, increases the uptime of your production equipment and after all improves assets availability. Because unpredicted down time can jeopardize business profitability and corporate business plan, proactive maintenance is now recognized as essential in modern industries of any size.

Proposed services range from a simple vibration monitoring and expertise assessing the health of the machine to the complete Management of the Operational Maintenance (MOM) along with performance bond.

Specialized support services are handled by our sister company, Iceman Technical Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.

ALWAYSE - The Largest Range of Ball Transfer Units in the World

As originators of the Ball Transfer Unit, ALWAYSE have become an integral part of the Material Handling Industry. The name ‘ALWAYSE’ derives from the multi-directional nature of the ball transfer unit - they move in all directions enabling the easy transfer of light and heavy loads and the direction of motion to change instantly.

Whether used for loading or feeding machines, moving goods or materials, as an alternative to a castor or in a form of linear operation, ball transfer units provide an important and essential service. ALWAYSE Ball Transfer Units are used in industries throughout the world.