Who we are...

The early years...

Iceman Distributors was established in 1999 on the threshold of the new millenium. Initially our core operations were mainly focused on distributing Walls Ice Cream for Unilever in Sri Lanka. During that period we covered 2/3 of the total area of the country.

A new alliance...

In 2003 we were invited by Elephant House (Ceylon Cold Stores) to handle their key accounts. When compared with the begining, over the years we have increased the delivery literage by fourfold. Naturally, in keeping with our steady growth, the number of team members on our staff has also grown.

Following the success achieved with the key accounts operation, C.C.S. entrusted us with their parlour truck and school operation as well. Subsequently we were invited to commence distribution in Jaffna and Kilinochchi areas. Currently, all these operations are performing extremely well.

...because nothing succeeds like success

In 2005, we ventured into manufacturing tube ice. The initial production capacity of our plant was 1 tonne per day. As a result of commissioning our latest plant at Aniyakanda, the production capacity has increased, enabling us to become the No.1 tube ice manufacturer in Sri Lanka.

Market studies show that with given economic indicators and climate conditions being present, the current per capita consumption is only 10% of the potential. Therefore, we are looking forward to a large volume of growth within a short period.

We also manufacture tube ice under private labels for the supermarket chains of John Keells and Arpico.

Our Vision

To be the most sought after cold chain operator in Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

To continuously upgrade our services by investing in better equipment and training of staff and to embark on offshore distribution of cold products as well.

Our Strengths...

  • We are the pioneer in using eutectic cold cars for cold chain operations in Sri Lanka and continue to be the leader in this sector.
  • Our fleet of eutectic cold trucks of different capacities assures delivery at the right temperature at the right time.

Distribution coverage of western province

  • We are the leading manufacturer of tube ice in Sri Lanka.
  • Our tube ice has been awarded SLS certification for conforming to strict hygienic conditions and other criteria involved in the production process.