Air Conditioners

Domestic air conditioners

Wall-mounted type - 9000 BTU to 24000 BTU

Special features:

  • Clean Reminder
    The special equipment and program on the indoor unit can detect and evaluate the lustration state of the filter and remind you to clean it in time to maintain maximum running efficiency.
  • Anion brings fresh air into your midst
    The use of hi-tech anion generators increases the anion content in the air, bringing you the natural freshness of a virgin forest. The antibacterial rate of the nano silver ion net is up to 99.98%, bringing truly healthy air into your home.
  • Auto Restart
    When the power is off, the unit automatically restores the previous function setting and restarts when the power is on.

Light Commercial air conditioners

Anti-corrosion galvanized sheets for outdoor units shell have passed 1000 hours’ salt spray test. Wagner painting line for surface painting - the same technology used for BMW.

Ceiling mounted and floor mountable split air conditioners

36000-60000 BTU

Cassette type split air conditioners

24000-480000 BTU

Floor standing split air conditioners

24000-98000 BTU

Roof-top package type air conditioners

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Food-grade Cleaning Chemicals

Food-grade cleaning chemicals are used worldwide in the Food and Beverage Industry and the Hospitality Industry to maintain a germ-free processing environment and manufacturing process.

Our products are used widely in beverage plants, breweries, dairies, food processing units, retail food stores and in the Hospitality Industry.

We have two product ranges: Industrial Care and Institutional Care.

Industrial Care

Product Range

Application Product
Bottle Washing Additive (Returnable Glass Bottles) SATOL-KAP
Synthetic Conveyor Chain Lubricant (RGB / CAN / PET) SATLUBE LF
Germicide Cleaner (CIP / HE / General Plant Cleaning) SATOL-AC
Hydrogen Peroxide & Per Acetic Acid-based Sanitizer SATONIL PA
Odour Remover for Food Processing Industry SATOL OR
Neutral Multipurpose Liquid Cleaner (Floor / Glass Surface / Dish Washing) LIZA
Multipurpose Paste Cleaner (Oil/Dirt Stains on Surfaces) SUPREME
Non-perfumed Antibacterial Liquid Hand Wash Soap SATOL-NP/HW
Foam Cleaner and Sanitizer SATFOAM

Institutional Care

Name and Description Area of Application Usage Instructions Remarks
Multi-purpose Cleaner Concentrate
Effective for cleaning of kitchen utensils, glassware, appliances, floors and oily surfaces. 10-20 ml. in 1 l. of water.
Spray on the area to be cleaned.
Wipe with a clean cloth.
1% solution will provide highly effective cleaning for all surfaces.
Manual Floor Cleaner Concentrate
Effective for cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces. It can be used for wet mopping. Normal Soiling:10-20 ml. in 1 l. of water.
Heavy Soiling:20-30 1 l. of water.
1% solution will provide effective cleaning and disinfection.
Glass Cleaner Concentrate
Suitable for all types of glass and mirrors. Ideal for regular cleaning of windows, glass displays, and cases. Prepare 1% solution from the concentrate.
Spray on the surface to be cleaned.
Wait for a few seconds then wipe with a clean cloth.
Gives streak-free cleaning and does not leave marks after application.
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
(Ready to Use)
Facilitates removal of yellow lime scale deposits and stubborn stains from toilet bowl. Squirt TC around the bowl, onto flush paths and around water. Do not use on acid sensitive surfaces.
Auto Floor Cleaner
(Foamless for Machines)
Cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces with machine. Normal soiling:10-20 1 l. of water.
Heavy soiling:20-30 ml. in 1 l. of water.
It can also be used with moderate hard water.
Efficiently removes calcium and magnesium scales from hard surface metals and glass. 0.5 to 1% of DS is required to obtain desired descaling effect. Use regularly to prevent lime scale deposits.
Antibacterial Hand Wash
For effective hygiene and sanitation of hands. Use 2-5 ml. for one wash, rub hands for a few seconds until foam develops and rinse with water. Antibacterial property with pleasant fragrance.
Multipurpose Paste Cleaner
Removes rust stains, pan stains, oil stains and paint stains from any surface. Prepare 5% solution and apply on the stains. Do not use on acid sensitive surfaces.
Adhesive Remover
Removes labels and oil or gummy stains from the surface. Directly apply on the sticker or adhesive until the sticker is wet in solution. Do not use on plastic or acrylic surfaces like TVs, fridges and other home appliances.

Perfumed Antibacterial Liquid Hand Wash Soap

It is scarcely necessary to extol the virtues of good hygiene. There are many bacteria that may be found on the skin of a healthy person. These are spread either through direct contact or via equipment or surfaces.

People are getting increasingly conscious about cleaning hands and disinfecting and it is becoming a way of life. Most households are now migrating from cake soap to liquid hand wash soap due to the convenience factor.

Liquid hand wash soap serves both purposes;it is convenient to use, looks modern and comes fortified with a moisturizing agent. The added advantage of the antibacterial quality in hand wash soap has made it a “must have product” in most middle income and higher income households.

Iceman Liquid Hand Wash Soap comes in self-lubricating disposable bottles, sachets to extend the life span of the disposable bottle and also in bulk form to fill the hand wash dispensers. The range is available in 5 fragrances, presented in 3 types of packaging as 300ml. bottles and 1l. and 4l. cans.

Other products available in the range

  • Multi-purpose Cleaner 
  • Manual Floor Cleaner 
  • Auto Floor Cleaner
  • Washroom Cleaner
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • De-scaler
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Dishwasher Cleaner 
  • Stainless Steel Cleaner